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Adobe Connect can be used professionally to conduct online meetings and hold mobile classes in real time. The online meetings can also be held on mobile devices like cell phones or tablets instead of having to carry around a laptop.
I’ve learned that you can record meetings and lectures using Connect to replay them later. This tool will be useful to lecturers and professors; in my prospective field, this could make diagnosing and taking care of patients much easier by allowing for a recorded discussion of any problems or treatment plans to be reviewed over the pregnancy. Members of the meetings can share files from their computer as well as any open windows using the Share Pod. The Share Pod could also be useful to an equine reproductive specialist because during a discussion about a pregnancy, the patient’s charts and history could be shared, as well as any research on the Internet that could be pertinent to the discussion.
An aspect of Connect that I found really interesting is that while a screen is being shared, another member of the discussion can actually take control of your screen if given permission. This could be useful if a member of the discussion is trying to highlight a point in the notes or in a paper, or if one of the members is having technical difficulties.