Digital Identity

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I would summarize my digital identity as very alcohol centered. I have the luxury of being able to advertise the part of my life that most would need to hide. I have worked a lot creating a major name for my self on instagram with almost 4000 followers, during my time with Bud Light my job was to advertise the party lifestyle and engage people with Bud Light centered content.

When I googled myself pretty much exactly what I thought would come up did. Links to my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Fortunately my name is pretty unique so there weren't many other matches that came up, and if they did they were mostly lists of last names where Morgan and MacMillan happened to be next to each other. A news search didn't come up with anything, at least not on the first couple pages. An image search just brought up a few of my more popular instagram and facebook posts.

Given my career goals I need to get my instagram followers up more through self promoting, I definitely need to increase my twitter presence as that is probably my least used social media account. Twitter probably requires the most constant activity in order to be successful so it's been put off until now. I also plan on revamping my LinkedIn profile a little more so that I stand out better.

I already sort of share my work through instagram, as I throw events through Bud Light I document them through social media. The better/cooler the events the better feedback I get. People are always giving me compliments but also making suggestions for new awesome events and ways to improve them.