Fair Use

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Why do you think it's important that authors and content creators protect their intellectual property?

When might these protections over-reach and prevent the fair use of intellectual property (as discussed in the video)?

I believe that one of the biggest reasons that it's important for an author or a content creator to protect their intellectual property is so that they can reap any and all rewards from the product that they have created. For instance, if
Disney were to create a movie based off of their own intellectual property, and Warner Brothers were to make a movie based on the same intellectual property; Disney's profits would be considerably lessened because the market would be saturated.

However, intellectual property should only be protected until a certain point. With the increase of copyright lengths it is becoming increasingly difficult to continue and expand upon intellectual property. For example, when Disney bought LucasArts (a film and gaming company) it also bought the rights to the intellectual property owned by that company. Disney only bought LucasArts so that it could use the intellectual property of a few projects (Namely Star Wars), meanwhile hundreds of film and gaming series have been completely buried with no intention of ever being resurrected. I personally believe that intellectual property and copyrights should lapse on idea faster if companies no longer have any use for them and have no plans for further expanding them, a use it or lose it policy as it were.