Intellectual Property

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Authors and content creators should protect their property because their work is their idea and if another person gets credit for an original idea, that would be unfair to the original author or creator. Copyright laws used to only last 14 years, but now in some cases, the laws can last for over a hundred years(in the case of companies), or the author's lifetime plus seventy years. This could prevent the fair use of intellectual property by imposing regulations that are too strict and don’t allow other authors to use the material. Regulations should be lessened to let the original author still make money from their property while allowing other creators to use some of the ideas in their own work. To cite the work of other authors ethically, you should ask before using their material or intellectual property, or apply for a Creative Commons license to ensure that the original author receives credit for their work.
A creative Commons license allows an author to decide to freely distribute their original material that would be copyrighted otherwise. You can use a Creative Commons license to use a source material as liberally as the conditions of the license allow.