Intellectual Property

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1. Why do you think it's important that authors and content creators protect their intellectual property?

I think that it is important for authors and other content creators to protect their work, because if they had no way to protect their work, there would be no reason for them to create it. Authors and other content creators depend on the money they receive as compensation for their work to live. Intellectual property is not only beneficial to the creators; it is also beneficial to the audience of the work. If these creators had no incentive to create the work, then they would not create it. This means that the audience would not get to enjoy it. This article by the International Chamber of Commerce shows why intellectual property is so important.

2. What is Creative Commons licensing, and how can you use it for your own work or when you cite or use the work of others?

Creative Commons licensing allows people to use a work as long as they credit the creator. I have run into Creative Commons licensing when trying to create in Illustrator. Freepik is a site that uses Creative Commons licensing often. Often times, creators in Illustrator will offer their designs for free as long as they get credit for their designs. This is helpful, because creators can share their work and borrow work from others as long as it is credited to the creator. This saves everyone time, because creators of artwork can borrow work from others without having to remake everything. This can also be beneficial, because artists can gain recognition by offering their work for free. Because the work is credited to the original creator, others who use the work will be spreading awareness of that original creator.