Inventory of Skills

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Social Perceptiveness - The ability to recognize social norms and trends and adapt social media posts accordingly.

Leadership - Lead a team of staff to have successful shifts working in the service industry.

Negotiation - Negotiating specials and product stocking with sales reps from the various beer and liquor distributors.

Conflict Resolution - In the bar industry there are a lot of fights that I've had to talk down both parties and come up with a solution to make both parties satisfied.

Event Coordinating - For Bud Light I planned custom promotional events that were huge successes.

Crisis Management - When everything goes wrong, I'm very good at prioritizing and delegating to come to a swift solution to a problem without becoming overwhelmed.

Maintaining Accurate Records - Completing end of night sales reports

Social Media - I was in charge of social media accounts for a local alcohol distributor.

Distributing Products - Worked with sales and distribution for Budweiser of Greenville.

Prioritizing Work - Getting a list of what things need to be done first around the bar.

Training - I train all the new bartenders.