Learning Module 5

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Learning about the Paramedic Method allowed me to revise many sentences in my documentation project as well as my resume project. When I read about the Paramedic Method and then read through my drafts, I realized a lot of the sentences didn't match up well with this method. When I used this method to edit sentences, they often became more clear and less wordy. I often find myself using too many words in my sentences when it is better to be straight forward and use more action verbs. This method will certainly help me in my writing in the future.

Documentation Project:
Old (1): With the shaper tool, nearly any shape can be drawn.
Old (2): Make sure that your text is easily readable so that your brand can be easily read.
Revised (1): The shaper tool can be used to draw nearly any shape.
Revised (2): It is essential that you chose a large font size as well as a legible font so that your logo can be read easily.

Resume Project:
Old (1): So far at Clemson, I have had many opportunities through clubs and courses to gain experience in the field of Mechanical Engineering.
Old (2): Some of my most memorable projects so far include a Creative Inquiry on Home Automation and a Water System Project for a small town called Morne Michel, Haiti through Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries (CEDC)
Revised (1): I have been apart of many clubs and courses through my two years at Clemson that have given me experience as a mechanical engineer.
Revised (2): I have had the opportunity to work with Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries (CEDC) on a water project for a small town in Haiti called Morne Michel. I also learned a lot from a Home Automation Creative Inquiry that I was able to be apart of.