Learning Module 6

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When so many people get their information 140 characters at a time it is extremely important to increase the followership of the @CUSportsMktg account. This can be done in a variety of different ways. One way would to be to interact with the other accounts more often. Looking through the feed of tweets and replies the marketing department does a good job with creating images that help advertise for the different sporting teams such as football and basketball. There are also a large number of retweets from the other accounts previously mentioned.

Today information is obtained 140 characters at a time it is important to increase the followership of accounts such as@ClemsonFB. @ClemsonFB has used its marketing skills to create viral vines that get retweeted by the masses. This has proved to be successful in placing them as number two on the “The 10 best college football programs on social media” by USA Today. The majority of these vines feature coach Dabo Swinney dancing around celebrating a win.

I feel that after my revisions I used stronger information and tried to use shorter sentences and take out unneeded adjectives.