Microsoft Re-designs the iPod Packing

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What's your impression of the critique presented in the video?
I believe Microsoft has pointed out how perfect simplicity can be through this video.That message really hits home right in the first 20 second of the video, by presenting the package design Apple has created and placing a halo over top of the package. Then the producers of the video have inserted an instrumental that almost sound like circus music to go through the steps of how Microsoft would create a package that seems very unrealistically overloaded. My first impression was "There is a heightened sense of sarcasm in this video created by Microsoft about Microsoft's advertising strategies."

What design principles do you think this "case study" wants to emphasize (value) and what's the basis for the self-critique of MS?
I believe that Microsoft is trying to convey that simplicity sells. They are trying to convey that the overloaded package design (though its informational) is hurting the sale of products. This is because their product seems so packed with information and flashy titles that it tends to get over looked by the consumer who is just looking for simple, easy, what they want. I believe this self-critique was created to point out these facts.

Why do you think things like feature creep and information overload can compromise technical writing's goal of communicating clearly and effectively?
Just as in advertising the objective is to get straight to the point. When we look at Microsoft's video and compare it to technical writing the same issues apply. If you create a piece of work that is over loaded with glitzy features and unnecessary information, than you will loose sight of the initial mission for that piece of work just as Microsoft presented in the video for their product.