Paramedic Method

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I tried using the paramedic method on both of my projects, and was surprised at how poor my prose was. I've revised some of my sentences cutting them into separate sentences, combining others, and just changing the verb in some others. For example:

About Me:

Before: My Biology emphasis has allowed me opportunities to work in laboratory settings where I developed skills on how to operate equipment and handle hazardous chemicals.

After: My Biology emphasis has given me opportunities working in laboratory settings, operating equipment, and handling hazardous chemicals.

Before: Both my classes at Clemson and my experience in the service industry have given me communication and teamwork skills and as well as learning the importance of giving good customer service to satisfy others.

After: My classes at Clemson taught me communication and teamwork skills, while my work in the service industry showed me the value of good customer service.

Documentation Project:

Before: Microsoft Word documents are more popular due to their simplicity, but PDF files are advantaged in having more options to edit the document.

After: While Microsoft Word documents are extremely popular due to their more casual and simple use, one of the appeals of PDF files is how malleable the file is.

Before: One of the most important things about PDF files is the ability to attach other files to them from other documents to sound files.

After: The ability to attach files such as documents or sound files is an example of how useful PDF's really are.