Paramedic Method to Revise Sentences

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About Me

Before: My name is Nicole Porter I am an Agricultural Education student at Clemson University.

After: My name is Nicole Porter I go to Clemson University where I major in Agricultural Education.

Before: I am very dedicated to pursuing a career in Agricultural Education.

After: Agricultural Education holds importance to me in my future of pursuing a career.

Documentation Project

Before: When I first chose to explain some of the tools in Adobe Illustrator I was focused on being able to explain the process of creating a logo to my future students with SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience(s) projects.

After: When first looking at Adobe Illustrator, I first focused on creating explanations of the program that would help students with SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience(s) develop a logo.

Before: Many students who plan to build an entrepreneurship with their SAE need to know ways to build and design their own Logo that represents their company.

After: Knowing how to build a logo is crucial to SAE students who plan to further develop their SAE into ans entrepreneurship.

Being able to use the paramedic method made my work less jumbled and straight to the point. The method cleared up most of the filler word that I didn't need to use in each piece of work. I think being able to use the paramedic method often will lead to clearer writing over all, because with practice I am sure it will become more natural.