Photoshop Research

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During my research for my photoshop topic I came across a wonderful tool called the eye dropper. The eye dropper lets you extract the exact color of the point that you select, which can be helpful later when fixing facial blemishes, modifying skin tone, and removing unwanted foreign objects from the skyline.

Another great thing that I learned about are two awesome tools called the burn and dodge tools, the burn tool allows you to add shadow to any area in the picture, this is great for areas that are too bright/shiny.

The dodge tool actually does the exact opposite of the burn tool, it allows you to add the effect of light hitting a certain spot on a picture by increasing the light just to a specified area. Both the burn and dodge tools allow you to take the over shaded or over lit photos that are a lot of times captured on sunny days and turn them into really beautiful pictures.

Finally I explored some more into the clone stamp tool, this is a tool that while I have used before I have not fully utilized to it's blemish removing potential. Simply put the the clone stamp tool is a tool that allows you to sample from an area, and wash over other areas with the sample. This allows you to remove larger blemishes while keeping the same small variations in skin color and texture that make the photos appear natural.