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Why do you think it's important that authors and content creators protect their intellectual property?

I believe that everyone should protect their intellectual domain. This society has grown and flourished because people are always coming up with new ideas in media and science and everything else. Nobody ever gets anywhere just from copying other ideas and I believe the strict policies of copyrighting have challenged our society to create new ideas more than if there were no such policies in place. The other thing is money, I believe that everyone should get proper credit for something they created by themselves, even if it plays slightly off of something that someone else has already done. If it is different enough to make an impact, it should be praised. The copyrighting of the ideas help the author receive proper credit so they can support themselves and so that greedy people don't come in and take those ideas for themselves to make a profit. When someone steals someone else's intellectual property, it can severely hurt the author and create a hard situation for all involved by lessening the value of what they have created.

What steps can you take to protect your own intellectual property or copyrights?

There are many different ways to protect your intellectual property. According to's Chris Henson, the main three are patents, copyright, and a trademark, all used in different situations. Typically for inventions or processes you create, a patent would be used so other competing companies or people can't use your idea for a number of years. A copyright is appropriate when you have a work of art, literature, music, video, anything in media. It used to be that a copyright held for 14 years before it was allowed to be used by others because that is how long "society thought" it took to get all the profits from it. Now, it can last basically forever because the person can potentially still "earn profit" from it forever. The trademark comes most in handy when there is a logo or name involved, specifically with a company or team. This allows only the company or team that owns this logo to use it and make money off of it legally. These different steps are available to anyone that has an idea or intellectual property that they want to protect and can be made easier by having a lawyer or attorney help you create these along the way.

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