Reading Response 4

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I believe that authors and whomever creates intellectual content should protect their intellectual property. I believe it is important because if a creator of intellectual property does not protect their property then they have no way to gain credit for their work such as stealing book content. And for some of these creators such as authors, their intellectual property is their livelihood, if they were unable to receive monetary compensation for their work then they would not be able to sustain a suitable lifestyle. And if authors can not make a living writing there would be a dramatic decrease in written works as a whole.
To make sure that I have cited the works of others ethically I could make sure to check to see if the statute of limitation is up on a particular piece of content. I would also make sure that when citing to use proper format such as MLA or APA. And when citing works i must make sure that while citing someones work that everyone who contributed is acknowledged. And also that if content is borrowed and cited that it does not stretch beyond the limitations of fair usage such as these.