Reading Response 5

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I feel that my draft does have the right kind of information given anyone's experience or knowledge of photoshop. I tried to put each step of the process into my notes, and even circled what the reader was supposed to click if they were following along.
I believe that the draft does reveal that I do know what I am talking about because I am able to use the terminology, and explain to someone else how to create what I create. I believe that my ethos comes across strong in that I can be trusted to explain how to do these effects properly and easily. I believe that in my opening paragraph about why someone would want to create these effects, I discuss how social media impacts people and how everyone wants to increase the number of likes they get.

I want my writing to be able to successfully take someone through all of the steps to create these five photo effects. I believe that my draft is able to do this through the use of words and screenshots.
I think that this is a subject that matters because in today's world, you need to be well versed in different software programs, and this can help you take your first step in photoshop. I think readers will appreciate the purpose of my writing.
There are all kinds of tutorials about how to create photo effects, so I think it is a good subject matter. The website that I used to help get ideas for my project really had a lot about photoshop effects.
I will know that I've accomplished my purpose when I get comments about how my research and project has helped them create a cool photo. I want them to share their edited photos on their social media accounts to show what cool things they have learned.

I made the urgency clear in my opening paragraph because I stated how social media has become a big part of our society, and that learning these programs can help in the workplace.