Reading Response 5

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I think my draft has a good amount of information. This document is meant for people that are just starting to use Acrobat and need to know some basic, but very important things. My draft shows that I have ethos and know what I am talking about. I prove everything I say by adding a picture with instructions in it to every step that I add to each process. I have taken into account the readers' possible purposes for wanting to use this software. I have a few general examples for each of the 5 tools I talk about in my document. I know how to address the audience because I was once where they were, needing to use this software for one reason or another and not knowing exactly what to do.

I want my writing to be able to clearly show the reader how to use certain tools in Adobe Acrobat. I think it does it because the information is clear and concise and I would be able to understand it if I was in their situation. This subject matters alot since the world is becoming more and more electronic. More people need to put things into documents that can easily be added to or critiqued or edited. The reader will appreciate my purpose when they have to use this software for any of the reasons noted within the project, or just someone that wants to know more about what this software is capable of. Others have written similar infographics, some not as detailed as mine, which shows a need for the certain tools. I can cite them and show that we share the same goals. I will have accomplished my purpose if the reader has enough knowledge to do the basic and relatively advanced tasks that I have pointed out within my project. I want them to know Acrobat and use it effectively if they have never used it before.

This is a very important time to be writing about this, mainly because of what I said earlier, that the world is becoming more and more electronic. PDFs are used in almost every professional environment to bring together information into an easy to read and navigate, electronic document. More people are going to need to know how to use this software in the coming years as it will be prevalent everywhere. I have made this urgency clear within my project. I can't see much happening in society that would affect how this program is used, if at all.