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Knowing that many of my audience members will have no prior experience with Adobe InDesign, I believe that my documentation project about using Adobe InDesign professionally does a good job of breaking all of the strategies discussed into concrete steps. The steps will show the reader exactly how to perform each function instead of leaving them in the dark about how to perform the strategy discussed. This documentation draft, although it may not be perfect yet, clearly shows that I have done my research about Adobe InDesign as it not only of a good length but also in depth descriptions of how to perform each command with pictures. Also, my information is shown to be trustworthy as I show the steps I am talking about to the reader simultaneously by creating an example of a creative resume. I think the only feeling that a reader would feel about Adobe InDesign is confusion. Therefore, I have tried to take this into account by making the documentation very easy to follow and elementary for the reader.

The purpose of this documentation is to make Adobe InDesign more accessible for people in the workplace to use professionally. My draft will do this by easily explaining some of the most important commands in the program and showing how these commands can be used to create a professional document, like a creative resume. This subject matters because it is another route for employees to become noticed by their current bosses or future employers and that is something that is very sought after in the working world. Others who share an interest in Adobe InDesign have written documentation articles about how to use some of the same tools as well, but I did not find very many that applied this extensive program specifically to how it could be used in the workplace professionally, which is what I tried to do. I will know I accomplished my purpose if someone can use this to create their own creative resume or some other professional creative document.

People have always wanted to be noticed by their bosses or future employers. However, with the invention of the internet and information spreading like never before, employers have become swamped with applications and resumes. Therefore, in order to be noticed, sometimes in the right environment it is necessary to add some visual appeal to your professional documents to show your bosses the graphic design skills that you do have. I think the only thing that would make my documentation out of date or irrelevant would be to have society start to completely reject resumes or written documents in general. However, I don't believe this will ever happen and I can depend on my documentation being relevant for a long time.