Reading Response 5

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I feel that my draft is clear in what it is trying to accomplish. It is designed to teach someone whom has had minimal experience in Adobe Illustrator how to create a cool effect which will increase their design capabilities. I have had a decent bit of experience in adobe illustrator now and I feel that my draft shows that I not only know what I am doing but I can explain it too in a logical and ordered way. I think that the reader could feel a little intimidated when beginning if they have not worked with Illustrator before however after they get through the first few steps I think that they will feel much more comfortable.

The purpose of my writing is to dumb down a process that seems complicated such that someone with minimal experience can read through my writing and create a design using my process. This is an important design tool for anyone whom is interested in marketing using unique designs is important in creating an image. I would like to see the readers be able to design a x-ray vector image successfully and then apply the design to something that they are involved in. For example creating a new logo for an engineering company that they are interning for.

It is important for me to be writing this now because I am getting ready to apply for co-op positions next spring. If an employer were to ask me what are some of the skills that I have I would be able to say adobe Illustrator and show what I have done as an example. If I were to improve on my draft I could see it as a possibility to be a vital tool in my pursuit of a co-op position.