Reading Response 5

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  • I would say the draft has the right amount and kinds of information. I wrote the draft so that beginners would be able to create logos, even if they have no experience whatsoever.
  • I am new to illustrator so I wouldn't say I sound like an expert, but by the following the provided steps a reader will be able to create a logo that will help their company significantly. All of the information is accurate and can be easily believed by a reader.
  • The reader's feelings have been taken into account in the way that I expressed my ideas in the draft. The ideal reader is someone who wants to create a logo for their upcoming company which is how I address the reader throughout the draft, but in reality anyone can use this guide to make any kind of logo and more.


  • I want someone to be able to create a logo that will start the brand of a company. This draft will accomplish this task.
  • A logo is a crucial part of the branding of a company so it definitely matters. I think readers will appreciate the purpose behind this tutorial and readers who are wanting to make a logo certainly will.
  • Many companies use Adobe Illustrator for their logos. It is high quality and easy to use. I feel like anyone who has ever created a logo using Illustrator would share interest in this subject matter.
  • I want readers to create well designed logos that will jump-start the brand of their company. The production of a good looking logo by the end of the tutorial will show that I accomplished my purpose.


  • Adobe Illustrator is the future of vector-graphics. This tutorial is important for existing companies and those looking to start a company so it is relevant now and always. I made this urgency clear and emphasized the importance of branding in this draft.
  • I honestly can't think of an unexpected event occurring that would affect the meaning of this draft. The fact is there will always be companies that need to have good looking logos so that people will enjoy their brand or whatever they may be offering. Maybe in the future logos will be a lot different than they are today as society advances, but as for now logos aren't going anywhere. Software may also change which could impact this draft, but for now and in the near future this tutorial will remain relevant.