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I wasn't really sure what what going on when the video started, but by the end I saw that the Microsoft Employees were almost making fun of themselves and how their company overloads their products with information. There is certainly a huge difference in the way Apple and Microsoft market their products and the accuracy of this video is actually quite surprising. Apple has always taken the visual approach and kept everything super simple. Microsoft tends to include more specs and details and often adds too many details. If I was looking to buy a nice computer I would definitely be interested in all of the specs and details, but for an iPod I feel like it is pretty straight forward. Basically, storage information and battery life are some of the only things I really care about with a music device. The video is really funny in a way and probably a bit dramatic, but it certainly gets the point across.
Apple's simple look is artwork and pleasing to the eye. It doesn't overload you with unwanted information. They give you the basics and then appeal to what the consumer wants, or at least what they think they want. This is simple branding which I talked a lot about in my documentation project. People often buy Apple's products for the Apple logo rather than the software itself. Now the software is always user-friendly, visually appealing, and usually fast, but thats not why people buy it. People are buying the brand. Microsoft certainly has a great brand of its on, but I think this video gives a valuable lesson to Microsoft employees on how simplicity is often best. Information overload can often compromise technical writing's goal of clear and effective writing because the main goal is to be straight forward and straight to the point. Just as we have learned through multiple learning exercises, the way in which you write technically is no different than what should be put on the box of the iPod. Simple and straightforward is the most clear and effective way of communication.