Reading Response 6

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The video created by Microsoft employees emphasizes the value in simplicity. I think the video did a good job of showing multiple ways that overloading something with information does not help. Having too much stats, features, and logos can cause them to compete with each other for the customers attention. It comes to the point where all of it is too much and important things or the whole product will be overlooked. It is interesting to see the huge differences in Microsoft and Apple's advertising technique. Apple has used extreme simplicity and it has worked very well for them. They have created a brand from simple logos and themes. The Microsoft employees are poking fun at their own branding techniques and lack of simplicity.

In the same way that this video shows, feature creep and information overload can distract a customer from where the focus should be. People are naturally drawn to pictures and colors. When there are too many different things on a page, the reader will overlook almost everything instead of focusing on a couple things. Simplicity allows the customer to focus on or two things that are pleasing to the eye. This allows the customer to be focused on the important things. Overloading leads to loss of clarity.