Reading Response 6

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Whenever I was first watching the video assigned for this reading response, all I could think about was how drastically different the two companies choose to package their products. Later, I actually realized that the Microsoft employees that created this video were actually self critiquing their own company! The video starts off by showing the simplistic, yet elegant, packaging that Apple used to package an early iPod. It then shows how Microsoft would choose to redesign the packaging if they were given the chance. Throughout the video, it shows Microsoft including an insane amount of information, charts, and pictures on the packaging for the iPod. At some point during the video, the viewer realizes that the video is actually making fun of how much information is included on Microsoft packaging because it is just way over the top.

I think the Microsoft employees are trying to emphasize to the viewer that sometimes less is more whenever you are trying to convey a point across a medium. Depending on the rhetorical situation that the writing will be read, the author must be very careful to choose the right tactics while writing to make sure the information conveyed is fully understood and appreciated. For example, information overload in this setting can cause the technical writing to not be nearly as effective since the person viewing the iPod will most likely not take the time to read all of the tedious information on the packaging. Although the Apple approach might be seen as too little, it is much more powerful at reaching the viewer of the item than the Microsoft packaging shown in the video.