Reading Response 6

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I thought that the video conveyed a very interesting point in a satirical way about how Microsoft goes quite overboard on the labeling of their products compared to that of apples. I think the design principles of this case study is that just because product has a lot of big flashy labels with descriptions doesn't always make it more appealing. The study is emphasizing the fact that sometimes a sleek and reserved package can be more appealing. Information overload can lead to a product losing its ability to communicate to consumer effectively. When a product is overloaded with information like in the video it can be hard to grasp the important details about the product such as price and basic features. The reason the Apple product is so pleasing to the eye and audience is that is has a minimalistic approach. It only has the very bare essentials so the reader is not only not overwhelmed with information they are also intrigued to see what the contents inside can be since there is such little description on the outside.