Reading Response Prompt 4

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Completely original ideas are hard to come by these days. Creativity has become more and more rare. Those who can't come up with original ideas often look to others to get "inspiration". Even if these people may have the best intentions, they can often unfairly take others ideas and make profit out of it. This is why creators should protect their intellectual property. Their ideas may not feel important all the time but in the right hands and context they can become something great. Unfortunately, getting credit for that greatness can be hard to get. With copyrights, this gives the original and valuable creator credit in finances and recognition. FAQ for copy rights can be explored here.

Sometimes this can over-reach the fair use of intellectual property. There can also be incredible value in taking one product or idea to another product or idea. Sometimes the person who came up with the original idea gets too much credit. Situations vary and sometimes the original is nothing but a small sample of the new idea or unrecognizable. Sometimes copyrights will take advantage of these situations and try to take more than what is deserved. This can happen in all sorts of businesses or simple ideas. Copyright is a powerful tool that can be used in the wrong or right ways. Many people believe that patents and copyrights need to be reformed to change this.