Revising for Context

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Considering the target audience for my documentation project I have included appropriate content for the viewers.The information that is talked about in my documentation project only needs the viewer to have basic computer skills to smoothly operate the steps. I found that it would be helpful for me to add more visuals to the draft which I will be including on the final.

I believe I create an ethos for myself in the project by showing a completed logo in the end. I also think that along with explanations given and visuals showing that I went through the same process that they will need to also do, shows that I have experienced that exact step therefore ethos is also created in those examples.

In my documentation draft I tried to put myself in my viewers shoe, sympathizing and thinking about questions that might arise when following the steps I have created. With my final draft I think it is important to consider my reviewers thoughts, and try to include more visuals in general and more visuals that focus directly in on what I am talking about. I also feel that with my introductory paragraph of the application I was able to talk about a specific group who would use my documentation project and also a more general reason of why some one would use my 6 steps in Adobe Illustrator. I believe since i personally tied my target audience to the importance of having a logo, I have created pathos in the work.

I want my audience to be able to read through my 6 steps and feel comfortable in creating a logo for them selves. Though the logo I created is more on the basic side, I believe that these 6 steps are key components to expanding in Adobe Illustrator. I think the more my audience clicks around after learning the basics they will be satisfied with what they come up with.

This subject is important for me to present to an audience to show the importance of creating a name and image for yourself. I have created an example of who would use this and the importance in my documentation project. I hope to use this step by step process along with Adobe Illustrator to encourage young entrepreneurs to get them selves out there to get their companies rolling. I have also spoken about how creating a logo for yourself after you might have already started a business is also important. Your image and your name are the first thing most people see about your business. I believe in explaining it this way the viewer will appreciate my reasoning.

Having watched a few tutorials myself on the application of Adobe Illustrator, i have seen that people love Adobe Illustrator. Explaining that this program uses vectors and not pixels so you are going to get a cleaner looking piece of work. Talking about the importance of keeping your image looking pristine.

I would love to have my readers share their experiences with me if it be a success or even coming short of that. This way I will know if the program and my directions together worked well for them or not. This way I will be able to collect feed back and see if my project has accomplished its project.

Now is a good time to consider making your company stand out with a logo, because I feel as if populations are booming and competition with big corporate companies are becoming more and more prevalent to the point that smaller businesses get pushed out most the time. I mad little stress of this situation though my project but plan to do so on my final.

I think as long as there is a market and a want for an individuals commodity then my work here will stay prevalent until a newer, greater program comes along to switch to that. I believe that unless there were to be another great depression, where people would not rely on business and business goods but only what they supply themselves do to poverty then, the importance of putting your name out there is still prevalent.