Revising for Context

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I feel as though the draft has the right kind of information, with the assumption that my readers are college aged students with access to social media networks such as instagram, facebook, etc. The information is very clear and communicates my knowledge of the topic well. Readers may feel interested or excited to try out these new techniques on their on facebook or instagram pages.

I want my writing to allow people to increase their likes on instagram and facebook by posting better edited pictures, and I think y draft will do this. I want readers to take these steps and make their pictures look better to increase their presence on instagram and facebook. I will know I have accomplished this if any of my readers let me know that they have tried the tips I gave them and they got positive feedback.

During the summer months is when photo sharing is at its peak, while I have not communicated this urgency I feel due to my readers status as college students they are aware of this. The public opinion on photoshop is already going down, however it is a very useful tool, and I imagine that in the end that will trump those saying that it is a negative thing.