Revising for Context

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The draft has the right kinds of information because it is nothing too intense, but it contains skills that are important to learning Photoshop. However, I overran the amount of pages I was aiming for.

I think that I provide good information because I provide screenshots of my own work in my project as examples.

I need to revise it a bit to give more explanation of why someone would use these processes and put some more emotion into it since it seems solely instructional right now.

I want my project to explain clearly how to do these processes themselves. I think my writing does this.

I start off the paper by saying why someone would give attention to this project. I think the readers will agree.

I have found many tutorials on how to use Photoshop. I have gathered most of my information from these different sites such as and the adobe support center.

I would readers to try these processes on their own and see if they can follow my tutorials. I hope to receive some feedback to see if i was successful.

Now is an important time because we live in such a digital age and Photoshop just adds to this because the media uses it so much whether we like it or not.

There have been many critiques on the media using Photoshop because it gives people impossible standards to live by when women and men's bodies are changed using a computer. If the U.S. suddenly made it a taboo to use Photoshop then this would change the view of my work. I can depend on the difficulty of making laws like this in the U.S. to stop this from happening.