Satiric Self-Critique

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I think it's funny that Microsoft was comparing itself to it's biggest rival company and obviously valuing the other's design principles. Beneath the sarcasm was a real sense of humility which is cool for big companies. I think they were obviously emphasizing apple's simplistic, some would say "artsy" design over Microsoft's somewhat cheesy, over bearing design. Feature creep and information overload make packaging, or any technical writing, overwhelming for the reader. On top of that, the company loses ethos when the packaging is full of features like the stars and snipes, because those things are like the sneaky used car salesman of package design. They seem like tricks. And the packaging lacks the emotional or social appeal that Apple packaging does. "Why isn't she using the product?" Because the package was portraying a lifestyle to surround the product, and Microsoft's version lacked that completely. It was just a cheesy picture of a man smiling with headphones on. No one smiles that big while your alone on your couch listening to music through headphones. No one. Musicians might use iPods, though.