Simplicity in Writing

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This video by Microsoft shows how having to include too much in the design of something damages the effectiveness of the design. The beginning of the video shows how simple the ideas were at first for the design of the ipod package. As time went on, the design becomes more and more complicated as extra details and advertisements are added to the package. In the end, the package is so covered with details, that nothing stands out. The design principles in this video are similar to the design principles we focused on while building resumes. If there is too much information, nothing stands out. However, it is still important to use space well. The complications of design in this video contrast the current design strategies of Apple. Apple’s designs are successful, because they are so simple. Their cases for their laptops and ipods simply have a picture of the device on them. I think that Microsoft is probably critiquing their old design techniques, because they know that their new techniques are simpler and better. To capture the attention of their audience, it is best to include less information. If the audience needs more information, they can look at another source such as online. Because Apple includes little information, purchasing their products is a stress-free decision. Customers know based on Apple’s reputation that their products are quality. They also know that Apple offers excellent customer service with their products. Therefore, it is unnecessary for customers to know everything when purchasing an Apple product. The design of the package is visually appealing and makes the product seem stress-free.