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"How to Mix the Perfect Old Fashioned Cocktail"
By Felicity Cloake

The author uses pictures that she took herself in order to entice the reader into reading further into the article. When it comes to recipes and food & beverage articles pictures are key. Vivid colors and tasty looking food draws attention to the piece and their spacing keeps the readers focus moving through the whole article.

The pictures also illustrate what a proper old fashion should look like, granted there a many variations to the recipe. But the reader can match their own attempts at making an old fashion with what they see. This is a great way to assist the recipe in making sure that the old fashion is properly made.

Finally the pictures illustrate the ingredients and give the reader an idea of the proportions of each ingredient. While the recipe tells you how much to use, it's nice to have visual cues to give you a general idea as well.