Day 1: Tuesday, June 21

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Day 1: Tuesday, June 21

All activities and readings should be completed by midnight EDT today. It's best to complete the readings and activities in the order listed because some activities depend on knowledge acquired in earlier steps.

Goals for Today

  • Introduction to the course and each other.
  • Acquire the main textbook, Writing: A Manual for the Digital Age, 2e (print or digital format; see the course description for purchasing details)
  • Review carefully the description, paying particular attention to all requirements. It is important that you become very familiar with the course policies so you can understand what is expected of you in this class.
  • Download the Adobe Creative Cloud tools.
  • Send an email to Dr. Blakesley ( after you've completed the reading and activities for the day to let him know that you've begun the course.


  • Writing: A Manual for the Digital Age 2e, Chapter 22, "Writing for Online Courses" (367-382). Pay particular attention to pages 367-371 ("The Rhetorical Situation of Online Courses" and "Managing Your Identity in an Online Course"); you should also study pages 341-343 (in Chapter 20, "Networking with Others on the Web") so that you can use what you learn about effective email when you write Dr. B. (See below; your email should be professional.)

Activities to Complete Today

Downloading the Adobe Creative Cloud Tools For this class, you'll want, at least, Acrobat, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop. Muse, Premiere, After Effects, and Illustrator may also prove useful. You also may want Adobe Captivate (, which isn't in the Creative Cloud suite but we can get free through Clemson.

Important Note! You must use your institutional email address (also called "Federated ID") to use all the tools in the Creative Clouds suite. That means you should use your address as your Adobe ID. You can use any password you like for your Adobe password.

Exploring the class website: Before tomorrow (Wed., June 24), please complete all of these steps:

  • Complete Getting Started 1: Registering on the Site, Getting Started 2: Logging in for the First Time, and Getting Started 3: Editing Your Account for the First Time
  • Read Learning to Navigate the Site. Then explore the class website. Make sure that you login; some class website features are not available to guests. It'll be easier as we move forward if you take the time now to explore. Get familiar with where things are located, which links take you further into the class website and which take you outside to other resources.
  • I've created a post on the course home page (Introductions) inviting you to introduce yourself. Post a comment to that post in which you
    • describe where you are from
    • give your course of study and year in the your major program
    • talk about your areas of interest and career goals
    • let us know if you've ever taken any online course and, if so, what advice you would give to rookies
    • tell what you would like to get out of this course
    • describe one of your favorite books and what you like about it
  • Send an email to me ( to let me know that you've begun the course successfully, which means that you've completed all of the above and have downloaded the Creative Cloud software. Your email should be sent by midnight. I will reply (normally within 24 hours, often much faster). Your email should follow the principles and conventions discussed in Writing 2e, pages 341-343, which cover subject lines, greetings, body, signature, and more.

Looking Ahead

On Day 2, you'll begin the first course project, the "Resume Project Across Media," read more from Writing 2e, join the shared Box folder for the course, and post your first Reading Response.