Day 11: Tuesday, July 5

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Day 11: Tuesday, July 5

All activities and readings should be completed by midnight EDT today. It's best to complete the readings and activities in the order listed because some activities depend on knowledge acquired in earlier steps.

Goals for Today

  • Post the full rough draft of your documentation project for user-testing to your blog by midnight tomorrow (was today before extension)(tag: documentation draft)
  • Complete peer review (user-testing) of Documentation Project drafts on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Complete research and collect assets for the Technical Case Study
  • Read about revision strategies and writing for readability in Writing 2e, then complete the associated Reading Response 5. Post no later than tomorrow (extension).
  • Complete Learning Module 5 on analyzing and improving your writing for readability using the Paramedic Method. Post no later than tomorrow (extension).


  • Read Chapter 3, "Revising, Editing, and Proofreading" in Writing 2e (36-45)

Reading Response 5: With reference to your Documentation Project and to help you with its revision, submit a blog post in which you answer the questions on the Project List, "Revising for Context" (p. 37). (tag: reading response 5, revising for context) Post no later than tomorrow (extension).

Activities to Complete Today

  • Post the full rough draft of your documentation project for user-testing to your blog by tomorrow, July 6 (extension) (tag: documentation draft)
  • Complete user-testing and peer review of two (2) documentation projects following the guidelines for Peer Review and User-Testing of Documentation Project. You should "claim" your two reviews with a comment on the person's submission before you begin. Each documentation project should have only two reviews/user tests. Your feedback will be posted to the person's submission as a detailed comment following the directions provided. Try to post your responses by the end of the day (some allowances will be made since not all drafts will have been submitted; don't worry . . . you'll still get credit if your response is submitted within 24 hours after getting your draft to review).
  • Technical Case Study Step 2: In a blog post (tag: case study research), one member of the team should summarize in 150 words what you and your collaborators researched and what you've learned that you didn't know before. Due: Tuesday, July 6 (by midnight) (extension). All team members should read the post and comment to add details as needed.
  • Technical Case Study Step 3: By today, you should have collected all the assets for this project. Create your own Box folder to store and share your assets among team members and Dr. B. if you want feedback. (Be sure to give it a name that clearly identifies what it is and who owns the folder, e.g., YourLastNames Case Study Assets.)
  • Learning Module 5: Apply the steps of the Paramedic Method (in Writing 2e, p. 41) to the revision of your "About Me" story (Resume Project) and Documentation Project. You should examine all of the sentences in those documents, trying to ensure that you use an agent-action style. To verify that you've completed the module, create a blog post (tag: learning module 5, paramedic method) in which you explain how this process improved your draft and provide two examples of revised sentences from each project, the before and after versions of each. Due date extended to Wed., July 6

Looking Ahead

On Day 12, you'll work on the revision of your Documentation Project, with a goal of submitting a final draft by Friday, July 8. You'll post a full draft of your Technical Case Study for peer review. You'll also post a draft of your Alternative/Creative Media Resume to your blog (as a link or attachments) for peer review, and complete Learning Module 6 on the Principles of Readability.