Day 14: Friday, July 8

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Day 14: Friday, July 8

All activities and readings should be completed by midnight EDT tomorrow (extended). It's best to complete the readings and activities in the order listed because some activities depend on knowledge acquired in earlier steps.

Goals for Today

  • Submit the final draft of the Technical Case Study (via Box) by Saturday, July 9 by midnight.
  • Submit the final drafts of the Resume Across Media Project (via Box) by Saturday, July 9 by midnight.
  • Complete and submit the Collaborative Project Evaluation Form for the Case Study Project by Saturday, July 9 by midnight.

Activities to Complete Today

  • If you haven't already done so, be sure to post 4 comments to the reading responses or learning modules of your peers by midnight today.
  • Submit the final draft of the Technical Case Study. Your final document(s) should be submitted to the "Technical Case Study Deliverables" subfolder in the "314 Technical Writing" folder in Box. Your project submission should consist of a single PDF document or (if you use another media for your presentation, such as HTML) a folder with supporting files, images, etc. The file or folder should be named as follows: Lastname1-Lastname2_CaseStudy (put the last name of each team member in the file name for easy identification). The person submitting the file in Box should then send an email to Dr. B and team members verifying that the final version has been submitted, no later than midnight Friday, July 8 (the last day of class). Always include all members of your team in email correspondence about collaborative projects.
  • Submit the final drafts of your Resume Project Across Media (all our deliverables, including your submission notes as a separate document) via our shared Box subfolder, "Resume Project Across Media.". You should not submit documents for review in Word or RTF format since the documents will display unpredictably on different computers or displays. Your Submission Notes (Step 4) should summarize your work on this project, describe how your resume changes across media, report any technical challenges you faced, and explain in what ways it's well suited to the rhetorical situation of your present or future search for a job, internship, or graduate school. There can be multiple attachments (in PDF format, for example) and you can embed links to outside sites in your submission notes. Submit this project no later than Saturday, July 9 by midnight.
  • Collaborative Project Evaluation Forms: Each team member should complete this form for the Case Study project and submit it by email to Dr. B. ( no later than Saturday, July 9 by midnight. You should not share this evaluation with team members. If you worked collaboratively on the Documentation Project, you should submit a separate form describing your work on that project.