Day 3: Thursday, June 23

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Day 3: Thursday, June 23

All activities and readings should be completed by midnight EDT today. It's best to complete the readings and activities in the order listed because some activities depend on knowledge acquired in earlier steps.

Goals for Today

  • Read and respond to the reading responses of your peers and reply to any comments on your own reading response.
  • Learn about the job application process and resumes in Writing: A Manual for the Digital Age 2e.
  • Complete the first steps of the Resume Project Across Media.


  • Writing: A Manual for the Digital Age 2e, Chapter 8, "Writing for Business and the Workplace" (100-114); no reading response required, but you'll be expected to apply the principles to your resume and other projects throughout the course.

Activities to Complete Today

  • Read and respond to the reading responses of your peers and reply to any comments on your own reading response. Your goal is to write comments in response to at least two of the reading responses of others. Follow the protocols for participating in online class discussions described in Writing on page 379.
  • Learning Module 1: Post a blog entry (Tags: learning module 1, skills inventory) in which you respond to the nine questions about Work and Educational Experience on pg. 101 of Writing (sect. 8a). Try to be as thorough as possible since the goal is not simply to answer the questions but to elaborate your answers as you explore and articulate your wide range of experiences. Think of this post as a brainstorming session, so be as thorough and detailed as possible.
  • Resume Project: Begin your search for two job ads well suited to your experience and career goals. Use the Job Search Resources on our class site to help guide your search. Your goal today is to find at least two (2) job ads that interest you. The ads may be for jobs or internships. Take a screenshot or copy and paste the content of both ads to a blog post (tag: job ads). Your resumes will be tailored to respond to these contexts (i.e., the ads help define the rhetorical situation for your resumes). Tip: You can use Adobe Captivate (see Day 1 for download directions) to take a screenshot easily, or to take a screenshot on a Mac, use the keystroke CMD+Shift+4; in Windows, you can use the Snipping Tool in Accessories, or follow one of these methods. Or you can load the page on your smartphone and capture the screen (e.g., on an iPhone, press the power and home buttons simultaneously).
  • Review the Sample Job Ad in Writing (104-105), then in a comment on your Job Ads post, answer the two questions on page 105. Use the sample response (also on page 105) as your guide to how thorough you should be.

Looking Ahead

On Day 4, you'll study the components and design of resumes, complete Learning Module 2 (Job Skills Checklist) and Reading Response 2 in which you read about professional networks and complete an assessment of your own network, as it exists right now.