Day 6: Tuesday, June 28

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Day 6: Tuesday, June 28

All activities and readings should be completed by midnight EDT today. It's best to complete the readings and activities in the order listed because some activities depend on knowledge acquired in earlier steps.

Goals for Today

  • Read about peer review in Writing 2e.
  • Review the resume drafts of two peers using a Peer Review sheet (counts as Peer Reviews 1 and 2)
  • Read the description of the Documentation Project and begin to formulate a topic.
  • Post your topic proposal for the Documentation Project.


  • Before you complete the peer review of resumes, read about "Peer Review" in Writing 2e (41-43).


  • To inspire you to think of creative ways for documenting a process, watch this short YouTube video about "Introducing the Book" to imagine what it would be like to create user documentation on how to read a printed book to someone who had only read digital books.

Activities to Complete Today

  • Review the resume drafts of two peers using the Peer Review of Resumes questionnaire that is attached below ("peer_resume.doc"; right click and choose "Save link as" to get the Word document; there's also a copy in our shared Box > Review Forms folder). You will need to first stake your claim on two resumes as the reviewer by posting a comment to a peer's submission. Your comment should say "I am reviewing this resume" and anything else you'd like to say. Each resume should only have two reviewers, so you may need to look around a bit. You can find all draft submissions by a) searching for "Resume Draft"; or b) clicking on the tag "resume draft" that will appear at the bottom of each submission. (Dr. B. will promote one draft to the front page so that it will be easy to locate a tagged post.) Complete your peer review by the end of the day and then email it as an attachment (filename: yourlastname-username_of_author_review.docx) to the author (you can find the author's email address at his/her profile) and copy Dr. B with your email ( so that you can earn credit for the two peer reviews (counts as Peer Reviews 1 and 2).
  • Read about the Documentation Project and complete Step 1 (Topic Proposal) by midnight. In a blog post (tag: documentation topic) identify your topic and a working title and then explain in about 100 words why you've chosen the topic and why you're clever enough to document it. If you're collaborating on this project, the post should name the collaborators by username and be co-authored.

Looking Ahead

On Day 7, you'll read peer reviews of your resume, revise it, and then submit the new version to our shared Box folder. You'll collect and create assets for the documentation project and read about how to integrate images into a text in Writing 2e. You'll also develop your network profile and About Me story for deliverable 2 of the Resume Project.