Email Announcement: English 3140--Welcome to Technical Writing Online (20 June 2016)

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Welcome to ENGL 3140 (Technical Writing), "Minimester C" in Summer, 2016, running from June 21 through July 11 (three short weeks!). Here are a few pieces of information and some suggestions for making your experience a successful one. Please note that I will also be posting copies of announcement emails on the course site (tag: announcements)

The class starts tomorrow, Tuesday, June 21.

The course website is here: It is ready to go, but please read and follow the directions below before you start exploring too far. The calendar and coursework are listed through the entire semester. There will be some additions to the calendar, but those will just be additional resources or corrections to help with your projects. To view the course description, which contains my contact info, coursework, and guidelines, just click on the "Description" link on the menubar.

English 3140 will never meet face-to-face, nor will we meet synchronously (in real time) unless you schedule an online meeting with me or your peers. You must be comfortable working online because all communication for this class will occur electronically.

It will be your responsibility to check your email and the class website daily and respond to instructor or peer email promptly (usually within 24 hours; ideally, much more quickly).

Course Text
As I mentioned in an introductory email on June 13, you should have the course textbook in either printed or digital form at the start of class. Once again, the course text is Writing: A Manual for the Digital Age, 2e (Blakesley and Hoogeveen), Boston: Cengage, 2012. Be sure that you get the Brief, 2nd Edition only; the print and digital versions are identical. You can get the book at the Clemson University Bookstore. If you are not in the area or want a digital version, go to Cengage (for print and digital options:, Amazon ( or Barnes and Noble (

You are responsible for access to a computer and the Internet and for ensuring that your access is not interrupted. (If a computer fails or you lose your Internet access, you'll need to find a library or lab or other venue.) Make sure that your Web browser is up-to-date and functions properly. You will also need to have regular access to your email, through Clemson's system or Gmail, so please make sure your accounts are functioning normally (and aren't over quota or blocked for some reason).

Getting Started
You can now sign up for a new account and complete registration on the course website. You don't need to complete this process until Tuesday at midnight, but if you want to start early, go to the Getting Started page here: For the next few days, new accounts have to be moderated, so I will check those daily. You'll receive an email letting you know when your account has been approved (we have to do it this way so spammers don't sign up for the course!).

After you've successfully registered, go to the main calendar page ( and read the instructions there. When you're ready to begin, go to Day 1: Tuesday, June 21 ( on the calendar and follow the instructions there to learn more about the course, the course site, and each other. There are directions on the Day 1 calendar for downloading and installing the Adobe Creative Cloud tools, some of which you’ll need for the course (they are all free for Clemson students!).

Always begin your work by reviewing the course calendar, which provides directions, links, and more that explain what you need to be working on, what's due, and so on. Tip: If you go to the top page of the calendar, you can view the complete three-week sequence by clicking on the "Printer-Friendly Version" links.

If at any time you have questions about the course, please let me know by email, through the class website (use the Contact link or click on my name to get to a contact form), or by any of the other methods you see listed on the course description. This contact information is also copied below in my signature.

Nice to e-meet you!

David Blakesley (aka Dr. Blakesley or Dr. B. for "official" communication; otherwise, “Dave” is what I normally answer to)

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