Technical Case Study 2

After conduction research on our case study topic of Venmo we came across quite a bit of new information about how Venmo operates and some of the issues people are discovering with it. Venmo was originally created by two student from the University of Pennsylvania because they were tired of always having to keep track of who owed who whenever some one did not have money. Venmo has grown since its creation and is now owned by online payment giant PayPal. Venmo is different from PayPal or Square in the way that it has added a social media aspect to the electronic banking world.


Dove Beauty Campaign

Eliza Larkin and Abigail Mayes

Dove, a skin and haircare brand, needed a PR boost in the early 2000's. In a world where disdain for media beauty standards and stigmas of women is growing and growing, Dove recognized an opportunity to become a major beauty product company with a more responsible mission.

So they conducted research: in 2004 only 2% of the world's female population considered themselves beautiful.


Case Study Research

Nhantrung Phan and Katelyn Marbert

After doing some research, we found out that the ice bucket challenge was originally for charities other than ALS. According to Time Magazine, the ice bucket challenge started targeting ALS when Chris Kennedy, a golfer, nominated his wife’s cousin and listed ALS as the charity that we wanted to donate for. Since her husband had ALS, she passed on the challenge to others in her town. This is how it went viral as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.


Learning Module 5

About Me Story

My "About Me Story" now sounds more precise and professional. It gets to the point quick and therefore doesn't last too long.

Before: I am a rising senior at Clemson University studying Mechanical Engineering. I plan to graduate in May of 2017.

After: Clemson University Mechanical Engineering student graduating in May of 2017.

Before: During my time at Clemson, I have had the opportunity to not only learn theory in my courses as an Undergraduate but also apply and practice these concepts in unique experiences.


Paramedic Method to Revise Sentences

About Me

Before: My name is Nicole Porter I am an Agricultural Education student at Clemson University.

After: My name is Nicole Porter I go to Clemson University where I major in Agricultural Education.

Before: I am very dedicated to pursuing a career in Agricultural Education.

After: Agricultural Education holds importance to me in my future of pursuing a career.

Documentation Project


Media Resume Draft

For my Alternative/Creative/Multimedia section of the Resume Project, I decided to create a creative resume using Adobe InDesign. This version of my resume is much more visually appealing and uses pictures, text colors and fonts and colorful borders to make any future employers notice this paper over a normal black and white print resume.


Revising for Context

Considering the target audience for my documentation project I have included appropriate content for the viewers.The information that is talked about in my documentation project only needs the viewer to have basic computer skills to smoothly operate the steps. I found that it would be helpful for me to add more visuals to the draft which I will be including on the final.