Peer Review of Case Studies

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Directions for Reviewers: Each Case Study team should complete a peer review of another team's full draft (so the authoring team should receive two reviews from a two-member team). Review pairings will be assigned by email. Each review should respond to these Peer Review of Case Studies questions in the form of a comment on the draft submission post, which is already tagged "case study draft. (You can copy and paste the questions into your comment, then address them.)

Author's Request for Response

Begin your feedback by responding to the author's request for feedback on particular aspects of the resume.

Written Content

Does the case study draft include all the required sections (Statement of the Problem/Scenario/Challenge, Summary of the Context, Proposed (or Actual) Solution, Recommended Solution/What We Learned, Sources, Authorship)?

What was the problem, scenario, or challenge? What don't you know about it that you'd like the authors to explain further in their revision?

Does the case study provide enough information about the solution for you to understand the process? What can the authors add to clarify these steps?

After reading the case study, what do you remember most vividly?

Visual Content

Are all of the images of good quality? Which ones could be better?

Are the images place in a good location (e.g., after or alongside the corresponding written explanation)? Which ones could be moved? Where?

Do all images include a figure number, description, and source information (e.g, Figure 1. Adding a shopping cart to the website. Screenshot by ______.

Name one thing the authors could do to improve the visual presentation of the case study (design, images, layout, typography, etc.)