Peer Review of Alternative/Creative Media Resume

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Peer Review of Alternative/Creative Media Resume

Directions for Reviewers: Complete a peer review of one (1) draft of a Alternative/Creative Media Resume draft (already tagged as "media resume draft"). Review pairings will be assigned by email. Each review should respond to these questions in the form of a comment on the draft submission post. (You can copy and paste the questions into your comment, then address them.)

Author's Request for Response

Begin your feedback by responding to the author's request for feedback on particular aspects of the resume.


Does this version of the resume convey a professional ethos? (Bear in mind that the ethos can express creativity, design skills, or other characteristics of the writer and still be "professional.") How would you describe that ethos?

Does the resume communicate all the important information clearly?

What information do you remember most vividly?

What information could be highlighted more?

Design and Presentation

Is the overall visual design (images, color, typography) pleasing to the eye?  Make at least one suggestion for improving it.

Does the design and layout (arrangement) prompt you to read or view the resume as the author seems to intend? Comment on the layout and make one suggestion for improving it.