Course Projects

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Resume Project Across Media

The goal of the Resume Project Across Media will be to develop content for a professional resume for a specific job or internship and to present the document in multiple formats: print, HTML (on the Web or LinkedIn), and one additional form that you choose from among multiple alternatives (ePub for the iPad or smartphone, video, HTML 5, Adobe Muse website, mobi for the Kindle, Animoto, Wordpress portfolio, or an alternative type of print or digital media). In addition to keeping a project log during this project, you'll participate in peer review and submit a reflective document with the final project that addresses questions about how the three versions of the resume change across media as well as any other technical and design details useful for understanding and evaluating the project as a whole. (Individual; 20% of course grade.)

Documentation Project

In the Documentation Project, you will research a process or procedure associated with some aspect of composing, designing, sharing, or publishing information, which may include visual content (images, video, or animation) then write documentation that teaches users how to complete one important, interesting, or challenging process or procedure. The focus will be on some aspect of one of your new Adobe tools in the Creative Suite and should teach fellow students how to use the feature in a way that contextualizes it. (So, for example, "How to Use Adobe Acrobat to Add Comments to a Peer Draft.") Your finished project will be an effectively designed example of user documentation that teaches users efficiently. If you choose the collaborative option, you'll be asked to complete a Collaborative Project Evaluation Form in PDF format using Adobe Acrobat. (Individual or Collaborative; 20% of course grade.)

Technical Case Study

In the Technical Case Study project, you'll work with one or two peers to research a successful application of some form of technology (software, Web-based application, or social networking, for example) used by an organization to solve a real world problem or achieve its goals. The organization may be a nonprofit or for-profit company, an on-campus group, or a community with which you may be affiliated. Your finished case study will provide background information on the organization, a description of the problem or goal, a detailed overview (supported by visual content) of the steps taken to solve the problem or achieve the goal, and then a discussion of how well the solution has worked. You'll be asked to complete a Collaborative Project Evaluation Form in PDF format using Adobe Acrobat. at the end of the project. (Collaborative; 20% of course grade.)