Editorial Project Log

Submitted by keo on Thu, 02/25/2016 - 23:28

This week we did some research on potential copyright issues raised by the use of screenshots in our book. We didn't find anything concrete pointing to whether this is something to avoid. Some resources said that the use of screenshots does constitute copyright infringement but that most companies/organizations don't pursue any legal action (in part because it isn't worth the cost and in part because it doesn't make sense to sue someone for promoting your product for free). Other resources waffled a little more, saying that the use of screenshots could violate copyright but that it may be permissible under fair use. We aren't going to decrease the value of any sites or products with our work, and we're looking toward an educational end with our book; however, we may run into some problems if we plan to profit from the book. We may use "Perspicuous Objects" as a potential guide for handling this issue, with the image credits toward the end of the book and possible fair-use rationale. 

We also started talking about how we'll treat links in articles (and whether this is actually something to consider). For example, one recent entry contains eleven links, which isn't an issue for an eBook but may be an issue if we plan to put this book into print. We may use bitly to shorten URLs for the eBook version, and we'll need to include the URLs for hyperlinked text in the print version. 

The Design Team has decided on a 4x6 trim size, with text on one side and images on the other. This is going to put a lot more pressure on images to be visually dynamic (as they'll be the only elements on the right-facing pages), so we'll need to review and reevaluate the images submitted with each article. The Editorial Team has started to discuss how we'll show which images tie to which parts of each article; right now we're thinking that we may go with figure numbers in the text that will correspond to the images, though this may be a little formal, given the tone of many of the articles. 

We also will need to start limiting the length of articles and the numbers of tips and images in each article, given how small the book will be. Based on our in-class discussion, we plan to limit future articles to one image (unless it's really necessary to have a second image). We can't set a word count until we know from the Design Team how many words the pages will accomodate, though we suspect it'll be about 100 or 125 words per article.