Editorial Project Log

Submitted by keo on Thu, 03/24/2016 - 22:30

As we will be producing content for the web (initially, at least), a few things will change for the editorial team.

First, it will be easier to work with links (which we'll still need to ensure aren't broken), images, and notes.

Secondly, article length may be more flexible; because we won't be limited by a trim size, we'll have a bit more room to expound on ideas. We'd like to keep articles shorter for future ease of publication anyway, but we won't be sticking to such a small word count. We may set a firmer word limit when we have a chance to read and edit articles. 

We discussed that article titles will require more thought, to capitalize on SEO and other search-optimization techniques; however, this may fall under the Marketing Team's purview, rather than under ours. 

Finally, because our goal will be to prepare two to three polished, ready-to-go articles per person, we would like to have writers tell us which two to four of their posts they think have been the most effective, then share those posts with the editorial team. Someone from the editorial team will create a shared spreadsheet in the Box folder for this.