Marketing Team Wrap-Up! - Project Log, 4/21

Submitted by jao on Thu, 04/21/2016 - 21:14

Social Media for PubHacker

Vital Information

The marketing team created two social media accounts to help get the word out about PubHacker: Twitter and Pinterest.


Handle: @PubHacker


Password: tigers16*




Password: tigers16*

Future Changes

The accounts are up and running now, the Twitter account has one tweet so far and Pinterest has couple pins prepared to release once the website is fully launched. Both accounts lack an avatar, though. Once there is an established design, I’d suggest adding that as the avatar for both accounts. The Twitter account also needs a header image (Which could also be the logo just bigger). Additionally, for both accounts, the follower count needs to increase – this can be done by following other users, interacting, and posting regularly.

Proposed Social Media Strategy

To be successful, it’s important that the social media accounts are kept active and up-to-date. Therefore we propose the following basic strategy for future use.

Twitter: Try to tweet every day, preferably a few times a day. Tweets can be scheduled in advance so the person in charge of the social media doesn’t have to physically do this multiple times a day. Tweet whenever a new post is made on the website to promote it, and also retweet relevant material from other users. Also making announcements in anticipation for new posts on the website. Additionally, make sure to interact with following. Pay attention to mentions and direct message and respond appropriately.

Pinterest: Try to post a new pin each week. Pins should relate to posts on the website, either announcing a new post on the website or promoting current posts. Create boards for the different interest areas of the website: Authors, Publishers, Self-Publishers, Designers, Entrepreneurs, etc. This will keep the pins organized. Also use this medium to make announcements about changes coming to the site.