Editorial Team: Final Project Log

Submitted by keo on Mon, 05/02/2016 - 15:51

The editorial team has collected the top four posts from each of our peers, and we have shared the Google Sheet containing those responses with Dr. Blakesley. We have color-coded edited blog posts by editor (green for Jack, purple for Kellie, and blue for Kara) to make it easier to check for consistency and to show which posts still need editing. As of now, we have edited 32 of 44 posts.

We have worked to create consistent styles in the posts that have been edited. For example, posts about InDesign tips all have titles starting with InDesign Secrets, to make them easy to identify as a PubHacker feature type. Because the editing process really couldn't start until late in the semester, it was difficult to wrangle our peers for rewrites during finals; as a result, we made all changes ourselves (including rewrites), but there are a few posts that will need additional introductory material to make them more reader friendly (e.g., rather than launching into a how-to for InDesign features, we need a Contributing Editor to add an explanation of what basic terms mean). 

All edited posts (with reference sections and images) have been saved as drafts on the PubHacker site. They will need tags added prior to publication, and they will need author credit added somehow. When we created new posts for editing, PubHacker automatically considered each post's creator (the editor) to be its author, and we weren't able to find a way to override this; for this reason, we changed the voice in a few spots (most notably in Karen's animation/book-trailer post) to make authorship a little clearer.

Finally, as discussed in class, all images in the PubHacker drafts are linked from the original posts on parlormultimedia.com.