techne4, tips and techniques

Techne 4: Time-saving tips for using Animoto

Submitted by jao on Mon, 02/22/2016 - 01:48

Animoto is a video maker/ photo slideshow maker that is very fun to use. 

First, it should be noted that there are 3 types of plans that a user would need to choose from when using Animoto (although they will allow you a 14-day trial).  The personal plan is NOT commercially licensed and is intended for personal use only.  It only produces videos that are 720 p quality and maintains the Animoto logo. 

Techne Challenge 4: Time-Saving, Quality Enhancing Tips and Techniques for Authors or Publshers

Submitted by David Blakesley on Thu, 02/18/2016 - 16:56


"Time-Saving, Quality Enhancing Tips and Techniques for Authors or Publshers"


Each person should research and then summarize a tip or technique that will help an author or publisher with some aspect of writing or publishing a book and that involves some crafty use of technology. Write a short one- page overview that describes the tip or technique, explains how it can save time and/or improve quality, and is supported with a couple of critical screenshots, images, or illustrations.