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Too many numbers, not enough space

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In this picture of a Lakota Indian's winter count, taken from Powell's Writing: Theory and History of the Technology of Civilization, there are too many numbers and logo grams to make clear sense of at first. In addition, the numbers do not follow from right to left, or from left to right, they actually go down a row, then up, and then back the other way and so on.

War Propaganda

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This poster makes a good example for this project due to the color choices and word choices. They all have specific associations. On top of that, the labels that are attached further the point of the poster. All of this leads the viewer to a specific interpretation that you either look at and approve of, or are vehemently against, either way you reach the poster's conclusion.

Ineffective Information Design using Youtube

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I decided for this exercise to use the vastly popular website, Youtube. For many years youtube's layout stayed static, changing very little. In recent years, however, they have changed their layout numerous times, and have come up with one most recently that I believe is a fantastic example of ineffective information design.