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Chapter 4 Designing Information

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Organization: is defined as something that is made up into a specific function and is distributed into a whole. It can be seen as a use for putting things together in a neatly order so that the user can interrupted what the distribution theme is.

Proximity: Being close to something or near a certain thing; being close together. Information designers put this term into effect when they put images, words, graphs, etc.. close to each other on the page to portray a certain visual effect for the audience they are focusing in on.

Project 3 Deliverable 1

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For project three I am thinking about coming up with a sign/pictograph that would encourage more people to get involved in waterfowl hunting in South Carolina. I am going to make a humorous slogan to put on a sign showing how much people love to duck hunt, with the slogan be funny. It will probably be in the shape of a road sign and be appealing to the eye with shape and with the funny slogan. I hope my sign will encourage people to get into the sport of water-fowling.

Layering and Seperation

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Visual activation of negative areas of white spaces... that illustrates the endlessly contextual and interactive nature of visual elements (pg. 61). Tufte is talking about the two step logic of 1+1=3 and how if you draw two black lines then you get a third image of the white space in the middle. I think Tufte means that creating paths and forming shapes can be made with using lines because of the white space in the middle.

Tufte Chapter 1

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I found that the small multiple display is was one of the more important things in chapter one. You can use small multiple displays to compare charts and data. The air portion display is and example on page (28). It is a good example of how numbers can be arranged on a plane surface and can be easily understood at the by the person reading the chart. The chart uses same design structure that is repeated for all the levels and images in the chart.

Information Overload

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The example I used was an old study sheet in a management class I took here at Clemson. The page is full of information overload and if you were just staring at it then it would be very hard to read. The person looking at the study sheet has to get up close to the image so they can make out the information on it. The image has all the material that was on a test of mine and it is very overwhelming with information at first glance.