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W Project 3 Deliverable 1

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I have childhood memories of sitting in the scary room waiting on the dentist to come in. I remember the signs in the room with dinosaurs teaching you how to brush your teeth…and other ones intended to scare kids into taking care of their teeth. I want to create one of these signs of my own. Right now, I intend to create a poster-like sign that warns kids and/or parents against certain habits that harm teeth. This can be humorous and informative.

W--Chapter 4 RR

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Organization: The organization determines what information is displayed, emphasis (or not) on certain types of information, and how this information is formatted within the framework of the piece. The organization also determines how the information is utilized.


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As Tufte explains, the "layering of data, often achieved by felicitous subtraction of weight, enhances representation of both data dimensionality and density on flatland" (60). I interpret this to mean that layering both adds and subtracts. Layering adds dimensionality to data that is otherwise dull, thus making the info more appealing to the reader. Layering subtracts from the heaviness of data, which makes the information less exhausting to read. It all comes down to how the info is organized.

W-- Form of Infographic

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Because most information is read either from right to left, or top to bottom, my infographic will show a progression. I will begin with a graph that shows how the teen pregnancy rate has changed over time. Then, I will talk about the reasons for teen pregnancy despite the innovations of contraception (I may use another chart/graph to compare the availability of contraceptions or a graph/chart describing what teens do when they find out they are pregnant).