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Paper Wheel Project Log

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While meeting today, we first created a list of possible interview questions for our client(s). The paper wheel will provide MLA citation rules, but it's important that we first know the specific audience of the product. This will help inform us about which citation rules to include on the wheel. We will also ask the client(s) about the preferred dimensions of the paper wheel and, specifically, what type of materials to use. A couple team members began to look for tutorials online about how to make the paper wheel.

PC World Ad - Information Overload

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I made a trip to Ingles today to find an example of poor information design in the magazines they had for sale...and also to buy some milk. More often than not, I encountered effective information design in the magazines I looked through. However, I did come across an advertisement in the magazine PC World that was poorly designed. I initially thought the ad was for Microsoft Windows 8, but later realized after closer study that the ad in question was for a company called Cyber Power PC (www.cyberpowerpc.com).

Project 1 - Deliverable II

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This draft only contains the first half of the Girl Scout Cookie infographic. (The second half will be completed for next week.) Zooming in within the pdf file is necessary to read the text.

The link to the entire infographic is provided below the image.