Information Overload

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The example I used was an old study sheet in a management class I took here at Clemson. The page is full of information overload and if you were just staring at it then it would be very hard to read. The person looking at the study sheet has to get up close to the image so they can make out the information on it. The image has all the material that was on a test of mine and it is very overwhelming with information at first glance. I made the study sheet so it would help me remember the material for the test but I am glad I did because it not only helped me with the test but it is a great example of qualitative issues of information overload for this class.




Oh this is too perfect. I

Oh this is too perfect. I was actually going to use one of my study sheets haha, because this is how it looks, basically. Really, things like this only work for the creator. It does not appeal to anyone else because of the packed-in nature of all the information. If this were made a public document, no one would know what to do with it. Very funny that it looks just like my study sheets lol

Study Sheets

It's definitely an information overload, but since the intended audience is yourself and you don't expect anyone else to use it, I think it works well in that it has the information you need, and you usually know where to find things because you are one who wrote it. Having someone else navigate it would be horrible. But since it's only for you, it works.